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Office cleaning is supposed to be transparent. Our teams of cleaners are given property specific nightly checklists that are broken down into individual cleaning responsibilities to ensure nothing is missed and every cleaner is held personally accountable. We have very specific cleaning supplies and chemicals that we provide each cleaner and each cleaner is given a comprehensive cleaning guide to remind them of exactly what to use in each building. We have a full-time Quality Control & Personnel manager on staff who trains each cleaner in the field using the checklists and cleaning guides to ensure they are given the instruction they need to be successful. She also consistently works out in the field with each cleaning team and fills in when emergencies arise. She is responsible for quality control inspections on a routine basis to ensure our customers are receiving the level of service we expect from our cleaning teams. We provide all necessary cleaning supplies and chemicals free of charge. We also provide all paper product supplies and delivery services (toilet paper, toilet seat covers, paper towels, soap, trash bags, feminine products, fragrance products, etc.) for a fluctuating “per actual use” monthly fee.

Because our company also provides staffing for a wide array of Post Construction services, we can also handle all other cleaning demands (Strip & Wax flooring, Exterior and Interior Window Cleaning, Pressure Washing, Carpet Cleaning, Assistance in Moving, etc). While we can offer all of these services “as requested” we encourage setting up routine services (monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, annual) and we can offer reduced pricing with increased frequency.

We take pride in having the best customer base in the Savannah Area. To name just a few of our current client base: All local Ameris Banks; The World Trade Center (SEDA); The FBI Building; St. James Church and School; Catholic Pastoral Center on Victory Drive. While we try not to take time away from our loyal customers, all of our accounts would be happy to offer recommendations.

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