Joining the Team

Several years ago I found myself searching the greater
Savannah area for a reliable project floor work company to handle a high
volume, scheduling challenged project requiring a high quality of work. I met
with several different companies and decided to split the project between two
that I thought could deliver what was needed. As the project progressed, one
company separated itself from the other with strong communication, proper
staffing, and most importantly, delivering what they had promised before the
project started. That company was Facilicare Southeast.

Fast forward approximately three years and I am now working
as a part of the Facilicare Southeast team. I recently decided to make the
transition from the corporation I had worked at for 14 years within their industry
leading Facility Services division, and utilize the management and technical
skills I learned there into a more localized setting. With the freedom that
comes along with an established local company, it is my mission to refocus on the
client relationship, the work in the field, and ultimately the growth of the
janitorial division of Facilicare Southeast.

Over the past fourteen years I gained experience across the
facility management field working in the higher education sector. I was lucky
to learn from and be a part of some great facility services teams at some highly
regarded institutions such as ,Princeton University, George Washington
University, Savannah College of Art and Design, and Rosemont College. Along the
way I managed teams from 25 to over 225 members, across segments of the
facilities management areas including custodial, maintenance, grounds, and
energy management.

Coming from a large scale company I have learned how important
it is to implement a repeatable model while tailoring key aspects of the
operation to meet the diverse needs of each different client, department,
office suite, or even cubicle. Whether the needs were scheduling, specific
cleaning chemicals to use or not use, or even occupant allergies, we were able
to find a way to make it work. With a little bit more liberty to explore
different processes and cleaning chemicals I look forward to work with the
staff here to provide the best results for our existing clients as well as our
new ones.

With the current team in place here at Facilicare I am
already seeing an impressive focus on customer service and dedication to
ensuring a quality product and service are being provided. I see a great
opportunity for them and myself to continue to develop each other through the
exchange of knowledge and experience from the sum of our backgrounds.

As I become familiarized with Facilicare’s impressive client
list and spaces we are responsible for maintaining, along with our current
staff I am finding we are in a great position to quickly make a significantly
larger impact in the greater Savannah janitorial services market. If you are
interested in working with Facilicare and myself, and wish to explore what we
might be able to offer you, I invite you to reach out to me or another
associate in the company to setup a meeting.

Matthew Ferry